玩家人数: 1 - 6


时长: 60 分钟

难度: 1 (毛线)




出版年份: 2000


| REFO Verlag GmbH


| Bodo Formes


| 暂缺


| 解谜


| 暂缺



A challenging mind testing game. 1 board 2 cubes 1 hourglass 6 game figures 6 game stones 8 event cards 36 task cards The game consists of playing pieces that you can move around freely and with which it is possible to construct a square or a rectangle or a triangle or other geometric shapes. A timer is used to determine how much time one has to construct the required shape. Once you complete the required shape you turn the timer on its side. Others then have the remaining time to solve the puzzle or can work as a group to solve and get the points for solving. Shuffle the 36 task cards and 8 event cards together and placed them in the unsolved tasks area. Each player takes a set of stones/playing pieces. Players place their marker on the beginning of the scoring track. Beginners can play a shorter game by using the 24 joker cards, removing the “difficult” cards, and starting on the “short game” scoring track location. The scoring track consists of 8 circles and then the center winning area. Each time you complete a task in the required time you can move your scoring marker one circle closer to the center square and victory. Event cards give special privileges. One gives the solver two turns through the hour glass to solve the puzzle another allows the solver to move two spaces ahead if they solve the puzzle. You may distract another player from solving the puzzle. 1 – 6 1 hour