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Mysteries by Vincent: Boogie Woogie Bungle Up


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玩家评分: 7

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时长: 180 分钟

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适合年龄: 18+




出版年份: 1996


| Mysteries by Vincent


| Cindy Vincent


| 暂缺


|推理 |谋杀/疑案




How to Host a Murder styled party game. No audio comes with these games, just clue booklets and party planner. BOOGIE WOOGIE BUNGLE UP -or- Who Bopped the Bea B. Opp? It's December 9, 1943. Gentle snowflakes fall softly on New York City as the Christmas season goes into full swing. While World War II is raging across the ocean, world-renowned USO singer, Bea B. Opp, is preparing to leave for another tour through war-torn Europe. Tonight she has invited you to a private dinner party at that famous New York City hotel, the Alldorph Hysteria, where she often performs when she is stateside. After dinner, Miss Opp will debut her latest song, written by Big Band leader, Harry Lumbar. What a wonderful opportunity to see her perform before she and her troupe leave for the front lines, to nobly entertain our brave soldiers for Christmas on her upcoming USO tour. Yes, it's sure to be a night filled with glitz and glamor, as the stars come out to show their stuff. But you know what they say about stars: They always burn brightest before they die . . . Your Dinner Companions Include: Constance Leigh Wyning, who epitomizes the beauty and dazzle of a USO singer. Always effervescent, she gurgles with talent, motivating our boys abroad to "Fight! Fight! Fight!" Yet her sparkle is more than skin deep; she's a home grown girl from the Midwest, a real American sweetheart, discovered and brought to the stage by Bea B. Opp herself. Tito Tellar is a man of great mystery and intrigue. Though very little is known about Tito, he's often been seen traveling across Europe, never far from the front lines. Always keeping his emotions in check, he's known to be impeccably groomed and well-dressed. Yet oddly enough, no one seems to know where he comes from, or for that matter, where he's been. Major Hornswagle "Horn" D. Augge, is the military man in charge of Bea B. Opp's USO tour group. He's an officer who takes great pride in the way he handles his entertainers, particularly his female entertainers. Flamboyant and fun-loving, he joined the armed services when he realized a uniform is like a magnet when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. Jessica "Jess" Abell, can easily be described with one word - patriotism, with a capital P. She would do anything to help our boys fighting overseas. First there was her stint as a factory worker, a regular Rosie the Riveter, building airplanes to wipe out the Third Reich. After retiring there, she came to work as Bea B. Opp's personal secretary, traveling with the USO tour and bringing happiness to fighting men everywhere. W.A.C. Pilot Bunny "Bun" P. Landon, is the pilot who transports Bea B. Opp's USO troupe across the ocean and throughout Europe. It's the opportunity of a lifetime for Bun. She's wanted to fly professionally since she was a little girl, when her father, the late Colonel Girrup Landon, first took her for a spin in a biplane. Spunky, gutsy, and known to dress in either great glitz or her flying fatigues, she always personalizes her outfits with a monogram. Oliver "Ol" W. Ashedup, is Miss Opp's agent and manager. A shrewd and charismatic businessman, without him, Bea wouldn't be where she is now. Ol is the kind of man who enjoys working hard, but likes to play just as hard. When he's not busy promoting his star, he's a happy-go-lucky, modern man of the 40s, who's not afraid to have a little fun once in a while. Harry Lumbar is a world-renowned Big Band leader, one of the country's finest. His songs are heard in every dance hall in the free world, and hummed in the homes of his fans everywhere. The name Harry Lumbar can hardly be mentioned without being followed with such descriptions as "brilliant" or "genius." Personally, Harry thrives on his stardom, especially since he worked so hard to get where he is. Cordially charming and never too busy for his public, his stints in the USO show have only made him even more popular than ever. Winona "Wi" Bauther, is the youngest daughter of that famous Vaudeville family act, the Royal Bauthers. Grown up to be a glamorous songstress, she was a shoe-in when Bea B. Opp was gathering together a USO troupe. Sophisticated, sleek, and always the professional entertainer, she someday hopes to be as big a star as Miss Opp herself. This is a fabulous mystery for those of you who love the 1940s and big band music. Because the storyline is centered around a USO troupe, playing swing music throughout the party is a must. Also, if you're looking for a party where everyone can dress up more glamorously, this is the game for you. And since this game is set in December, if you like, you can even drag out your holiday decorations and set them up to add to the scene. This is especially fun in the middle of summer. Ah, yes, was there ever a more romantic era than the 40s?