Blood Bowl: DeathZone


综合评分: 6.258

玩家人数: 2

推荐游戏人数: 1

时长: 120 分钟

难度: 2.83 (中度策略)

适合年龄: 12+



出版年份: 1994


| Games Workshop Ltd.


| Jervis Johnson


| 暂缺


| 扩展 | 梦幻 | 战斗 | 模型 | 体育


| 骰子驱动 | 多样玩家技能



DeathZone is part of Games Workshop's Blood Bowl Series of games and is the second expansion to Blood Bowl (Third Edition). The set contains rules for new Blood Bowl coaching staffs, star players, teams, leagues and tournaments. DeathZone contains: Death Zone Playbook Roster Pad 1 League Reference Sheet 44 Dirty trick cards 45 Random Event cards 27 Magic Items 4 Trophies 2 Leader Re - roll Counters 1 lightning bolt 1 Fireball template 2 Zap! Counters 18 star player cards: Nakflem Scuttlespike (Skaven Mutant) Headsplitter (Rat Ogre Blocker) Zzharg Madeye (Chaos Dwarf) Hthark the Unstoppable (Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaur) The Deathroller (Dwarf War Engine) Grim Ironjaw (Dwarf Dragon Slayer) Lord Borak the Despoiler (Chaos Champion) Count Luthor Von Drakenborg (Vampire) Varag Ghoul - Chewer (Orc Blitzer) Mighty Zug (Human Blocker) Horkon Heartripper (Dark Elf Assassin) Prince Moranion (High Elf Dragon Prince) Jordell Freshbreeze (Wood Elf Wardancer) Bommer Dribblesnot (Goblin Bombardier) Fungus the Loon (Goblin) Grashnak Blackhoof (Minotaur Blocker) Deeproot Strongbranch (Treeman Blocker) "Ripper" Bolgrot (Troll Blocker) Special play cards and five New Secret Weapons to add more carnage to this fast-paced game. Special trophies & stands and league roster pad/reference sheets are included. Expands: Blood Bowl (Third Edition)