Run, Hamster, Run!



玩家人数: 2 - 5


时长: 45 分钟

难度: 2 (轻度策略)

适合年龄: 10+



出版年份: 2000


| (Web published) | Invisible City Productions


| Jonathan Leistiko


| 暂缺


| 冒险 | 战斗 | 即印即玩 | 竞速


| 行动点额限制 | 同时选择行动



Run, Hamster, Run! is a somewhat cut-throat strategy game for two to five players. See the following site: Each player is a hamster on a 5x10 conveyor belt that leads to a pit of hungry Alligators. The object of the game is to be the last hamster left in play. There are several hazards that make this challenging: The Conveyor Belt: You must keep moving up the Conveyor Belt or you'll get dumped off the edge into... The Alligator Pit: At the end of the Conveyor Belt is a pit with one or more hungry alligators in it. If it comes down to a battle between a hamster and an alligator, my money's on the reptile. Other hamsters: Other hamsters may try to push you into the Alligator Pit to increase their odds of being the last one in the game. Be careful! Fatigue: The stress of constant exertion will wear down even the heartiest hamster. You've got to stop running eventually you know... Instead of using dice, Run, Hamster, Run! has players put chips in a bag to determine the outcome of contests. This use of chips creates a strong focus on resource allocation. As the hamsters take damage or become fatigued, they lose chips from their pool, further emphasizing the importance of careful resource usage.