玩家人数: 2 - 6

推荐游戏人数: 3

时长: 60 分钟

难度: 1 (毛线)

适合年龄: 12+



出版年份: 1999


| Noris Spiele


| Michael Rüttinger


| Alice Becker


| 经济


| 骰子驱动 | 股票



Contents Game board 220 cards 32 precious metal tiles 6 pawns in different colors 1 stock price board 5 red marking stones for the stock price board 2 dice Play money Aim of the game Each player invests his capital in many possible ways, in an attempt to earn money. The first player to earn 500,000 Euros or another appointed sum wins. Only cash counts toward winning the game. It is therefore necessary to part with investments again and again. Possible credits, of course, count against you. Play 1st action On your turn, roll one die and move. Move your pawn on the inner track in the direction of the arrows, as many spaces as you rolled. 2nd action Follow the directions for the space you land on. Most of the spaces on the inner track are connected to outer fields. The outer field decides what options a player has in each case. So, you can - according to the outer field - buy or sell stock, save money or withdraw it, buy or sell real estate, buy or sell a life insurance policy, buy or sell a treasury note, or buy or sell precious metals. Or you may land on a wage or salary space, which always brings profit. What you buy you can also sell, depending which space you are on. When you are on a stock space, for example, you can only buy or sell shares. When you are on one of the two savings spaces, you can only buy or sell savings cards, etc. 3rd action You must draw a Banking card and either play it now or keep it in your hand. You can also draw and play a precious metal card to replace the card already lying in the middle of the game board. Precious metal cards are an optional draw. A Banking card must be drawn along with the precious metal card so the price of the precious metals and shares of stock change again and again.