Road Warrior



玩家人数: 2 - 8

推荐游戏人数: 1

时长: - - 分钟

难度: 1.5 (毛线)

适合年龄: 8+



出版年份: 1996


| Mattel | Spear's Games


| Paul Bedford | Andrew Grigor


| 暂缺


| 竞速


| 卡牌行动战争游戏 | 淘汰制 | 投骰子移动



extrapolated from session report: This is a 1996 Australian game by Bedford and Grigor for 2-8 players. Each player gets a bike, car or truck. To move, you roll dice - 3 for bikes, 2 for cars, 1 dice + 2 for trucks. You can ram someone by moving on top of them, higher die wins, loser goes back a space, both cars suffer hit points equal to the opposite roll. If the mover wins, they can keep going. If you move, you can also play an action card. These can fire missiles / guns / etc. at other cars, allow you to roll more movement dice, ignore terrain effects, etc. Unless the defender has a defense card, the attack card will specify a range (in range if vehicles are less spaces away than eg result of 2 dice) and the number of dice to roll to determine hit points. Trucks start with a lot of hit points to counter their low movement, bikes start with not many. Lose all your hit points and you can start again at half hit points, or attempt to hijack another car. The track is about 100 spaces long, with some bridges / crossovers and 5 different terrain types. For example you need to roll multiples of 5 to move each snow space, 4 for oil spaces. There are obstacle spaces which allow you to pull an instantly applied obstacle card. These are a mix of mostly good and occasional bad events. You can also pass and simply pick up an action card. Last car standing or first one past the finish line wins.